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Send your Transform Manager jobs up to the cloud

Using the simple watch-folder workflow of Transform Manger (TM), push the results of your on-premise jobs up to the cloud for archiving and streaming using Windows Azure Media Services (WAMS).

Add this task in to your TM workflow to take the input-folder files and create a new asset in WAMS.

Optionally set the parameters for immediately creating an Origin Locator for streaming from the WAMS Video On Demand servers. This will enable you to stream directly from the cloud within 30 seconds of uploading your media asset. Take advantage of the scalability and redundancy offered by the WAMS platform as a service.

As is, this task is simple to configure and will provide streaming assets in minutes.

Or, extend the task and customize it to run additional tasks in WAMS.
Perhaps, create two workflows:
  • One workflow to send on-premise jobs for storage and streaming in WAMS
  • One workflow to send source files to WAMS for encoding, encryption, storage and streaming.
Use the second workflow to manage peaks in your on-premise workload.

Recent Updates:

  • Updated to WindowsAzure.MediaServices NuGet package
  • Added task chaining and locator replication across data-centers to provide simple origin redundancy

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